Alpha Phi Omega is a national co-ed community service fraternity based on the cardinal principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service. As one of the largest chapters in the nation, the Iota Phi chapter at UC Davis gives back to its community daily, with members serving over 10,000 hours of service in the fields of chapter, campus, community, and country every year.

Although we are a fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega is a dry and strictly non-hazing special-interest fraternity. We respect each and every one of our members and treat each other like family. If you have any further concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our alumni advisors at:


If you want to leave a mark on your college experience, create many unforgettable memories, and develop lifelong friendships, then give us a try!

Your journey begins during RUSH week, where you get to meet many new people – the members of ΑΦΩ and the future pledges of the Spring 2017 term. We recognize your other responsibilities as a student and that you may not be able to make it to every event during RUSH – that is completely understandable. Feel free to come out to the events that you can and remember to show up at the last night for your Initiation. All events are free!

Tuesday, February 21st: 7:30 PM – Info Night @ Hunt 100
Come meet the brothers and find out what Alpha Phi Omega is all about! Highly recommended for all rushees interested in pledging.

Wednesday, February 22nd: 8:00 PM – Meet the Brothers @ Wellman 234
Come hang out and get to know the brothers! Relax, get some free food, and play some games.

Thursday, February 23rd: 7:30 PM -Service Night @ Wellman 7
Learn about many service opportunities offered within Alpha Phi Omega and do service with Brothers that is important for Picnic Day!

Friday, February 24th: 6:00 PM (SHARP) – Initiation @ Memorial Union Flag Pole
Your journey with Alpha Phi Omega and your pledge term officially begins in this event! MUST BRING $115 IN CASH OR CHECK AND COMPLETE AND EMAIL PPARENTS INTENT TO JOIN FORM -CLICK HERE- .

Frequent Thoughts

1. I’m interested in joining, but I’m not interested in being a part of a fraternity…

This is a real concern that some of our members had upon joining. Although we are a fraternity, we are a special-interest, professional organization that holds strong to its values of creating a community where everyone is well-respected. We DO NOT associate ourselves with hazing of any kind. We are a dry fraternity and do not associate ourselves with drinking, either.

We offer a community full of friendship and brotherhood, where people reach out and look out for each other. To us, brotherhood means having someone out there who will reach out to you, help you, guide you, and be there for you.

2. What is the difference between RUSHing and Pledging?

RUSH is a week-long experience to get to know some of the members of the fraternity as well as other prospective pledges. Pledging is a 10 week journey which begins during Initiation night. Over the course of this journey, you will bond with your pledge class and develop many new skills under our core principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service.


Pledges must email completed “Intent to Join” form to Pledge Parents before Friday 2/24/17 at 12PM.

These are mandatory dates that pledges must attend.

Pledge Initiation: Friday, February 24th (6:00PM SHARP)
Pledge Camping Retreat: April 7th-9th
Special Event: May 26th-27th
Pledge Meetings: Every Sunday (4:00PM)

If you cannot attend any of the mandatory dates, please contact David Dinh and Jenna Huynh by emailing Our Fraternity has 2 RUSH events during the school year; if you are unable to pledge this Spring term, we look forward to seeing you again during Fall term!


If you are interested in pledging for the Alpha Phi Omega – Iota Phi, Spring 2017 term, please bring $115 (cash or check made payable to Alpha Phi Omega, Iota Phi) and arrive at the MU flag pole (quad area) on Friday, February 24th at 6:00PM SHARP. Be sure to be on time!