Max Peng

Service Vice-Presidents:
Diane Le and Sarah Chang

Membership Vice-Presidents:
Austin Phan and Justine Pham

Fellowship Vice-Presidents:
Cathy Quach and Ethan Bell

Finance Vice-Presidents:
Evelyn Yu and Vincent Mak

Pledge Masters:
David Dinh and Jenna Huynh

Recording Secretaries:
Henderson Lu and Sabrina Chu

Corresponding Secretaries:
Elton Wu and Kristal Kim

Outreach Secretaries:
Julius Vo and Wilson Chu

Allison Ko and Beatrice Zhu

Sergeant At Arms:
Megan Phan, Eric Truong and Jacob Cisneros

Beatrice Zhu and Robert Tucker

Ireneo Calip (Chair of the Advisory Committee)
Teri Sheets (Community)
Jared Anderson (Community)
Sheena Aguilar (Community)
Stanton Ho (Community)
Mary Nguyen (Scouting and Youth Services)
Monlia Wu (Community)
Ken Barnes (Faculty/Staff)