Julius Vo

Service Vice-Presidents:
Kevin Jin and Maira Zaragoza

Membership Vice-Presidents:
Joli Chien and Darell John Andaya

Fellowship Vice-Presidents:
Alex Soepardi and Jay Rainton

Finance Vice-Presidents:
Tammy Lee and Jacky Lin

Pledge Masters:
Justine Pham and Carson Ho

Recording Secretaries:
Jane Jeong and Isabella Le

Corresponding Secretaries:
Stephanie Lu and Helen Wang

Outreach Secretaries:
Jasmine Lau and Judy Li

Ester Chan and Samantha Chiang

Sergeant At Arms:
Chang Seng, Mindy Pham, Gaby Lopez


Ken Chow (Chair of the Advisory Committee)
Teri Sheets (Community)
Ethan Bell (Community)
Christie Le (Community)
Carlo Maskarino (Community)
Tiffany Robertson (Community)
Sheena Aguilar (Community)
Stanton Ho (Community)
Mary Nguyen (Scouting and Youth Services)
Monlia Wu (Community)
Ireneo Calip (Community)
Ken Barnes (Faculty/Staff)